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See Coffee

Sea coffee is premier for creative, also a parallel function, it protects your health. You need creation ? You need unique ideas ? Let’s use Sea coffee!!! It’s right that coffee is premier for innovative ! Sea coffee not only the fresh coffee but it’s also a product that brings you the primary of innovation, […]

Sea coffee is premier for creative, also a parallel function, it protects your health. You need creation ? You need unique ideas ? Let’s use Sea coffee!!!

It’s right that coffee is premier for innovative ! Sea coffee not only the fresh coffee but it’s also a product that brings you the primary of innovation, additionally, it helps to take care of your health, to extrude the anxiety of lacking macromineral & microminerals. Have Sea coffee you peace of mind, enjoy a cup of coffee for the beginning of success, all your tiredness will be alternated for the availability in your work. It creates a new innovation, a new success. Your life quality will be improved.

Sea coffee products are examined by quality assurance and testing centre 1 of Ministry of Science & Technology Vietnam. It contains the amount of necessary macrominerals & microminerals for your body as well as multi-molecular organic substances such as protein, lipid and vitamins.

The macrominerals are potassium, magnesium, sodium etc those which your body is highly demand to consume more than 250 mg per day.

In fact, Sea coffee has the amount of potassium higher than 1205.1 mg/100g. Potassium has a important role in metabolism process, it decreases the risk of hypertension and stroke. Moreover, potassium guarantees the function of living cells, it’s the main ion in the cells ensures proper function of muscle system, conduction of nerve impulse, muscle contraction including the motion of heart muscle. Potassium enhancements chemical reaction, supports metabolism process of protein and glutamate, helps the digestive system work well, avoids kidney stone and contributes to reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Along with other vitamins, potassium helps keep the body healthy, avoids the signs of numbness, cramps, and stress, it helps the body recover from stress. Potassium is a common mineral which is used for patients during the treatment of hypertension, pathology colon, allergy, headache, fatigue, especially for the elderly. Each day, adults need approximately 3-5g potassium, a cup of 100g Sea coffee has 1.2g potassium.

The Magnesium amount including in 100g Sea Coffee is 250.4 mg. Magnesium protects against ageing, stress, obesity due to the well released energy. Magnesium helps our body stronger, slows down the ageing process. It helps to metabolize Calcium, Phosphorus, Na, K vitamin C and vitamins, regulate neurological status and motor function of the nervous system. Also, it protects against stree, ageing and body disorders which can build up and lead to cancer. Magnesium deficiency causes cramping, hypertension, hypertension, irregular heartbeat, sleep disturbance, anxiety, constipation, diabetes mellitus especially with those who has magnesium deficiency, it causes the lack of sugar and sugar is excreted out.

Sodium content in 100g Sea Coffee is 207.68 mg. The role of sodium in the body is very important. Our body always need the amount of sodium needed. It always exists in the form of sodium chloride. Sodium chloride plays an important role in the processes of absorption, metabolism, excretion of nutrients, neurotransmitters, regulation of blood pressure and body fluids, balanced homeostasis.

Microminerals are minerals that need less than 20mg per day but are indispensable such as: Iron, manganese …

In See Coffee iron contents (Fe) is 4.95 mg / 100g. Iron (Fe) is the nucleus of the molecule hemoglobin which carries oxygen from the lungs to all organs. Iron is involved in the transportation of electricity, enhancing the immune system for the body. The most important role of iron is to form hemoglobin so iron deficiency leads to anemia and malnutrition. When iron is deficient, the oxygen content of red blood cells is reduced, causing oxygen deficiency. It causes a number of pathological phenomena such as muscle pain, fast heart beat, brain damage, organs in the body hurt. The symptoms of anemia are dizziness, dizziness due to the lack of brain oxygen, weak muscles and finally leads to tired body. Iron deficiency also affects other parts of the body: affects the digestive system: anorexia, tonsillitis, dysphagia, poor absorption, stomach acid reduction, affects the nervous system: fatigue, irritability, neurodegenerative disorders. However,using Sea coffee is a solution to supplement the iron for the body.

In See coffee, manganese contents (Mn) is 6.17 mg / 100g.
Manganese (Mn) is the first metal considered by Gabriel Bertrand as the basic trace element for life. Mn has many important roles in the body such as the impact on cellular respiration, bone growth, gluten metabolism, brain activity, sense of balance. Mn has high levels in mitochondria as co-catalysts with enzymes. Thyroid hormone tests the movement of manganese. In contrast, Mn affects thyroid metabolism by being formed from a basic enzyme. Mn associated with vitamin K involved in the synthesis of prothrombin which affects the blood clotting process. Mn participates in protein synthesis and interacts with nucleic acids, involved in cholesterol synthesis. Mn reduces blood glucose but it involved in the production of glucose from other molecules. The body hardly lack of Mn. In contrast, the risk of poisoning is more likely to occur in the Mn industry. Potassium permanganate is caustic, it causes acute poisoning so caution should be taken when using purple water to wash vegetables. Mn absorption can be toxic to the lungs, nervous system, kidneys and heart. Adult body contains 12-20mg Mn, mostly in the liver (20%) and pancreas. In the blood Mn level is 10mcg / 1, mainly concentrated in red blood cells. The serum is only 0.6-4mcg / 1. Daily needs of the body is from 2-3mg Mn. Mn is excreted in faeces, urine, hair. Mn is abundant in plant foods such as cereals, tea, spices which about 10-100mg / kg.

In addition, Sea Coffee contains powerful antioxidants such as vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin D3; these are important substances in metabolism of the body and the antioxidant group which helps the body against the ageing process and limit cancer diseases caused by free radicals. In addition, Sea Coffe contains a large variety of minerals and trace elements. The combination of metabolites in the body when balanced participation promotes better absorption of substances such as vitamin D3, which helps calcium absorption into the bone better.

In addition, the content of protein, caffeine, lipid, cholorogenic acids … are important components that make up the value of Sea coffee.

Test results of Sea coffee products are examined by the center of technical standards of the General Department of Quality Measurement under the Ministry of Science and Technology Vietnam.



Test methods

Results (mg/100g)


Vitamine E (Tocopherol)

Tk /Ref.TCVN 8276:2010



Vitamine C (Ascorbic Acid )




Vitamine D3

Tk /Ref.TCVN 9873:2011



Sắt (Fe)

TCVN 10641:2014



Canxi (Ca)

TCVN 10641:2014



Kali (Potassium)

TCVN 10641:2014




TCVN 10641:2014



Magie (Magnesium)

TCVN 10641:2014



Mangan (Manganese)

Tk /Ref.AOAC 999.10:2012




Tk TCVN 8125








Tk TCVN 4295:2009



Axit Chlorogenic (Ingredients slimming effect)

H.HD.QT.358 (HPLC)




H.HD.QT.387 (ICP-MS)



(Test results attached table)

Using Sea Coffee daily will help the body prevent some muscle aches, high blood pressure, cardiovascular …

 Institute of Southeast Asia science and Education

_Cuong/VuThi Ph.D_


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